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The American Institute of Architects
Experiences: Sharing Technical Knowledge with Peers Inspires the Formation of a New Knowledge Community

The US Glass News Network
GANA Energy Division Takes Notice of Air Leakage Criteria

The US Glass News Network
ASHRAE Compromises on Proposed Requirements for Glass in 2010 Edition of Standard 90.1

Architect Magazine
Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown; Lisbon, Portugal/Charles Correa Associates
– David Altenhofen, Technical Principal


Building Research Information Knowledgebase
Early Phase Performance Modeling to Right-Size Building Enclosure
– Jillian Burgess, RA. The Facade Group, Philadelphia, PA
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National Institute of Building Science; Whole Building Design Guide
Guideline 3– 2012 Building Enclosure Commissioning Process BECx,
– Rob Kistler and David Altenhofen, Contributors

Glass Association of North America
GANA Glazing Manual (50th Anniversary Edition)
– Stanley Yee, Contributor

Glass Magazine
It’s all in the details; How to develop useful detail drawings for exterior building envelope systems
– Jim Mounts, Author

Oregon Facilities Magazine
Improving Energy Efficiency of Older Buildings
– David L Wolff AIA, Author

National Geographic Documentary
LA Hard Hats, Evo South
– Stanley Yee, Appearance

The Masonry Society Journal, Vol. 19, No. 1
Strain Transfer Analysis of Masonry Prisms Reinforced with Bonded Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Sheets
– Kenneth Roko, Contributer