OHSU Center for Health & Healing – Portland, OR
Architect: GBD Architects
Completion: 2006

About Us

We are building enclosure and detailing specialists who value artistry and performance in equal measure. Our multi-disciplinary experts assist clients in achieving their design goals through elegantly crafted details and practical, innovative, cost-effective facade solutions.

The facade is the emotive first contact point of a building—the expression reflected out to the community. We understand, however, that the exterior enclosure is more than just a facade—it must be durable, provide shelter from the environment and comfort for the occupants.  The Facade Group supports your project team in creating building enclosures of integrity. We provide consulting, documentation and verification services to improve a buildings performance while expressing its beauty simultaneously.

Our staff is comprised of professionals with a diverse range of technical skills and decades of hands-on experience.  We work with owners, architects, construction managers and installers—bridging the gap between diverse camps.  As a member of your team, we provide an in-depth understanding of building physics and an extensive knowledge of structure. We strive to exceed expectations by providing practical, creative and enduring solutions to your construction and design needs.